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“Love your skin from the outside in”!

Jacqueline Pearson

Founder & CEO of My Favorite Things Natural Care LLC.

Jacqueline’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur did not start at an early age. As a child she did not dream of becoming a mad scientist, but after becoming a wife, a mother of three, and a  grandmother of nine she took the saying “see a need, fill a need” to another level. 

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About MFT

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We have all heard the studies of the dangerous chemicals in products and how the harsh environment affects us (especially in dry, hot Arizona).  I decided I wanted to take on the danger one beautiful bar of natural soap at a time.  I started with my friends and family and decided everyone could benefit from fewer chemicals in their daily lives.  Which lead me to start My Favorite Things Natural Care, an up and coming business.

Now that I have your attention let me tell you more about my products and why I think you will love them.  The products are all natural with ingredients like unrefined coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, cocoa butter and shea butter with essential oil scents. Each bar of soap is handmade by me personally and they will leave your skin feeling refreshed.  The deodorant never failed during the hot Arizona summer and the body butter will leave your skin silky smooth. 

I just love crafting these products, not only because they are better for us, but also they make my house smell amazing.  I want to share this love with you, your family, and friends because who couldn’t use a bit more love in their lives?

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Hi my name is Jacqueline and I know just what you need in your life…! 

Well not specifically me, but my natural handcrafted soaps, deodorants, and body butter. 


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